INSIDE (in OmdU)

INSIDE (in OmdU)

Nemo is a professional burglar and art thief, an absolute genius in his field. But when he breaks into the luxury penthouse of a renowned collector, something unexpected happens: the apartment's security system locks all entrances and exits and then collapses. Nemo is locked up. At first he believes in help from his accomplices. When they don't show up, he begins to hope for the security guards, and then even for the landlord himself. Nemo even longs for the arrival of the police. But in vain - nobody comes. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months as Nemo has to endure in a prison full of artworks.

INSIDE is a unique, gripping mix of psychological thriller and survival drama, which chooses a completely unexpected location for its main character's struggle for survival: a luxury penthouse full of works of art in the middle of the pulsating metropolis New York!An incredibly suspenseful acting tour de force from Oscar® nominee Willem Dafoe ("The Lighthouse", "Van Gogh", "The Florida Project"). Combined with the unusual imagery of celebrated cinematographer Steve Annis, INSIDE becomes a visually intoxicating and emotionally captivating cinematic experience.


Laufzeit: 110 Minuten
FSK: 16
Production: Deutschland / Griechenland / Belgien
Jahr: 2023
Regie: Vasilis Katsoupis
Schauspieler: Willem Dafoe

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19:45 Uhr
(im engl. Original m.d. Untertitel!)